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We’ve seen this before but it should be seen again. Colors or in this case, colours = a happy place.


Ecole Maternelle Pajol is a kindergarten in Rue Pajol in Paris | French architecture agency Palatre & Leclère

(via devidsketchbook)

Trampolines are usually a backyard fun place, but a trampoline across a river?!?! This is both awesome and scary, emphasizing the word, scary. Bouncing off a trampoline in the backyard lands you on the ground. Bouncing off this trampoline lands you on a passing boat…

How do you turn a dingy basement into the best playroom ever? Do what the Novogratz did to their basement, take off the brown shag carpet and install a slide next to the stairs. Make it educational too by writing things on the stairs so when the kids can go down the slide on their stomach first, they will get to know their colors as they fly past.

Is installing an indoor slide so hard that contractors price it out of a home owners range OR are the homeowners so scared fo slides that they opt for the safer stair solution. Regarding the second option Mr and Mrs. NewBuild Homeowner, have you ever fallen down stairs OR have you ever wished to slide heavy objects down the bannister just so you didn’t have to carry it? Think about it….

As seen on Apartment Therapy

Microsoft’s office slide in Vienna designed by Innocad. I see no threat of the blue screen of death so I think this slide is relatively safe!

As seen on dezeen

When was the last time you played with Legos? Yesterday? Years ago? Well, the people that gave us such great memories have one amazingly inspiring place to create new Lego models. They have employed a slide in the middle of their office in Denmark which in turn serves as a design idea generator I am guessing. Metal, long and super fast…I think the family should visit this place!

As seen on dezeen.

Indoor slides are great when the weather outside is sub-par, or in some places, sub zero. I have not been able to find more information about the source of this design, but needless to say, it is rather cool. A straight slide lends itself to so many other things like racing cars down it off of jumps into trash cans….

We don’t usually list school playground but I think this one is worth mentioning. Guthrie Center Schools in Guthrie Center, Iowa built this elementary school playground in 5 days for their kiddos. Costing about $100,000, it seems as if this school district truly understands what it means to give kids a place to explore, play, imagine and learn (as well as get splinters, scrapes and other good/tough life experiences!). Kudos to those at Guthrie Center and congrats to the parents and kids that get the chance to use this playground!

Dubbed the, “magical oasis”, the entry to this slide and environment is through a trap door. Yes, a trap door. Yet another must have in new home construction that is sadly overlooked. We all (I am dating myself now) grew up watching Scoobie Doo, Indiana Jones and Goonies and thought, “Wow, that looks like so much FUN!” Architects AB Rogers and DA Studio have tackled this problem head on.

Check out Dornob, Design Ideas Daily for more awesomeness about this place. (ie. The staircase made from a rainbow…serious!)

Adults, its recess time!

I saw this month ago in Dwell and I thought I would try to find some shots of the Indonesian house with the indoor slide. This is it as presented by ApartmentTherapy. This is a concrete slide that takes passengers from the second floor, loops them outside then back inside for a first floor landing. How great, certainly beats stairs and encourages play for everyone!

More information about this house can be found at dezeen.

Additional cool stuff at curbly.

The Helter Skelter slide in the Electric Works building in Sheffield, England. This might not be a playground in a park, it is a playground in an office! Adults need a playground and this is certainly a great excuse to take a break from work.

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